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HUAZHI (FUJIAN) ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a technological innovation-based enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing laboratory instruments, such as precision weighing, water quality analysis and material analysis. We are also the creator of the new generation of high precision Mono Block sensor.After years' continuous innovation, HUAZHI is the Top Runner of Chinese electronic balance and is spreading our brand "HUAZHI" to the world. Our weighing instruments include semi-micro balance, analytical balance, automatic dual range and double precision balance, high precision balance, basic balance, portable balance, high capacity balance, jewelry balance and gravity density balances.

 The garden-style R&D and production base was overall completed in 2020 with 20,000 square meters of total building area. It includes an underground laboratory of 900 square meters for inspecting and testing high-precision instruments with constant temperature and humidity and anti-interference, dust-proof production workshop of 13,000 square meters.

The new plant has already been put into development and production of laboratory instruments related to electrochemistry, thermal analysis and optics fields. It is realizing the diversification and scale of business products.